PEGS System - Small

$ 30.00

Family Tools offers P.E.G.S. -Practical Encouragement and Guidance System

P.E.G.S. is an acronym for Practical Encouragement and Guidance System, our unique chore chart. PEGS is practical (usable for all ages of children) and gives the parent a method for encouraging their children. Our chore chart is unique in that we provide a means to address both chores and valuable character traits in one system. Note the many benefits the P.E.G.S. can provide to your family:

Benefits to Your Family

  • Family management headquarters: PEGS outlines what matters to your family in one convenient place. PEGS can hang right on your refrigerator, central to family life.
  • Provides structure and consistency: PEGS establishes daily and weekly chores. Set up your board and be ready to go for the week.
  • Teaches children responsibility: PEGS holds kids accountable to defined expectations for both chores and character traits.
  • Reinforces valuable character traits: PEGS provides a way of responding to character issues as they occur throughout the day by giving the child bonuses for desired behavior, or penalties for issues needing correction.
  • Visible means of correcting behavior: PEGS provides an objective, visible way to outline expectations and correct predefined character challenges.
  • Helps diffuse conflict: PEGS helps get parents get out of the conflict loop of having to constantly remind their child what is expected.
  • Non-consumable product: PEGS is made of durable materials - NO PAPER - so you'll never have to make another chart.

PEGS comes in 2 sizes. The small system fits 1-2 children and the medium system fits up to 4. It's easy to combine sizes to accommodate the number of children in your family. For example, if you have 6 children, you'd want to order both the small and the medium system. All kits receive the same components, just more disks for larger families. The grid below outlines the differences between the sizes.

The board is made out of a lightweight plastic so you can hang it on the refrigerator or the wall if you prefer. The system includes grooved wooden pegs that are pushed into the hole from the back. The grooves hold disks and allow depth to the board, so you can stack several disks on one peg if needed and the disks won't fall off. Magnets for hanging the board on the refrigerator are also included.

See below for a description of the disks included in the system. Each disk sheet contains 12 disks.

Disk Sheets Included Small: 1-2 Children Medium: 3-4 Children
Sheet A Personal Jobs 2 4
Sheet B Household 1 1
Sheet C Household 1 1
Yellow Labels 1 1
Green Bonus Disks 1 2
Penalty "NOT" Disks 1 2
Board Size/Rows 9" x 24" - 4 rows of 12 14 x 24" - 6 rows of 12


Components included in each kit:

Detailed Instruction Manual

This 40+ page manual will equip you with the why and how of using your PEGS system and answer additional questions you may have. The Manual includes Chore and Character Trait Worksheets to assist you in outlining your family goals as well as reproducible planning sheets to track progress.

Labeling Disks

One yellow sheet of 12 disks preprinted with chore and character categories and blank clock faces to help you organize your system.

Chore Disks

Preprinted with black simple pictures with a colorable matte finish.
Each system includes 3 types of Chore Disk Sheets. Personal Chore Disks (Sheet A, 12 disks) are provided for each child. Sheet B, Basic Household chores and Sheet C, Advanced Household chores, are shared among your children. All of the chore disks are colorable so your children take ownership for customizing their system. Based on age and ability you outline the chores for each child. A 3 year old might have only 3 chores whereas a ten year old might have 7-8 chores per day. The board allows optimum flexibility to suit your family. 

Bonuses and Penalty Disks

Each system includes plenty of green bonus and penalty disks per child. The red NOT symbol is used as a penalty to help a child visualize the NOT ACCEPTABLE character traits. When reversed the disk is plain white to illustrate a resolved penalty.

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