Because we recognize the life-long and eternal significance of how we train our children in the few years they are with us, we want to be deliberate in our efforts. Our vision is twofold:

  • EDUCATE - parents on real life issues through establishing parents as the primary educator of values and encouraging them in their parenting roles. We offer seminars, conferences, and parent coaching.
  • EQUIP - parents with practical "tools" to make their job easier through user- friendly products.

We've been "EDUQUIPPING" families since 1995.

The word "tool" for our company was selected to imply practical solutions to specific needs. We hope to see parents become intentional through clearly established vision and purpose. Every resource provides practical assistance for parents. Whatever your parenting philosophy, a "Family Tool" can equip you to achieve your parenting goals.

HISTORY: After our fourth child was born, we became increasingly overwhelmed. Our lives often felt chaotic and disorderly. While visiting friends, we were introduced to the PEGS system (our featured product), and within months of using the system, this "tool" brought needed structure and order to our frazzled family. Most importantly, we began to change as parents as we became more clear about our expectations, consistent in discipline, and more positive and nurturing towards our children. Along with the developer of PEGS, Suzanne Evans, our family and the Dennis family started Family Tools to market PEGS internationally.

We welcome you to explore our many tools and educational opportunities on our web site.

We desire to be the best resource for your family tools!

Jeff & Cheryl Eliason