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Family Tools has created several parenting tools that equip you to be an intentional parent. We are a "tool" store to foster home improvement.

Our products includes our featured product PEGS - a visual picture chore chart that teaches both chores and valued character traits.

PEGS Accessories:

  • Choose A Chore
  • Pick A Privilege
  • Time Out to G.R.O.W.
  • Character Reference Guide
  • Allowance Passbook


The PEGS SystemBack to top

Family Tools offers P.E.G.S. - a visible, hands-on chore system that also addresses character issues. PEGS appeals to kids as well as parents, but most importantly - it works! P.E.G.S. has the potential to transform your family!

Practical Encouragement and Guidance System

P.E.G.S. is an acronym for Practical Encouragement and Guidance System, our unique chore chart. PEGS is practical (usable for all ages of children) and gives the parent a method for encouraging their children.Our chore chart is unique in that we provide a means to address both chores and valuable character traits in one system. Note the many benefits the P.E.G.S. can provide to your family:

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Benefits To Your Family:

  • Family management headquarters: PEGS outlines what matters to your family in one convenient place. PEGS can hang right on your refrigerator, central to family life.
  • Provides structure and consistency: PEGS establishes daily and weekly chores. Set up your board and be ready to go for the week.
  • Teaches children responsibility: PEGS holds kids accountable to defined expectations for both chores and character traits.
  • Reinforces valuable character traits: PEGS provides a way of responding to character issues as they occur throughout the day by giving the child bonuses for desired behavior, or penalties for issues needing correction.
  • Visible means of correcting behavior: PEGS provides an objective, visible way to outline expectations and correct predefined character challenges.
  • Helps diffuse conflict: PEGS helps get parents get out of the conflict loop of having to constantly remind their child what is expected.
  • Non-consumable product: PEGS is made of durable materials so you'll never have to make another chart.


Accessories to PEGSBack to top

Choose A Chore $ 9.95

 Choose A ChoreThis tool provides you with a quick consequence or a means for your children to earn extra chores. Kit includes 60 pre-printed, non-routine chores that kids can do around the house that should take 5-8 minutes. One dozen blank disks are included for you to create your own ideas. Comes complete with storage jar and lid and includes several ideas for how to use it. Great accessory tool to use with PEGS.

Pick A Privilege $ 9.95

Motivate and reward your child or celebrate progress and success by awarding your child a privilege. This set gives 60 pre-printed creative low to no cost ideas of privileges your kids can earn and includes a dozen blank disks so you can include your own ideas. Comes complete with storage jar and lid and includes several ideas for how to use it. Great accessory tool to use with PEGS.

Allowance Passbook $3.95

Allowance PassbookHelp your child track their allowance using this unique passbook. Space for budget categories, deposits, withdrawals and descriptions. Use with cash or as a way to record transactions at a later date. Never be caught short on allowance day again. Comes with vinyl storage sleeve and includes instructions.

Time Out to G.R.O.W. $7.95

Timeout to GROWIf you need help with how to utilize time-outs effectively, you'll love this resource! Guidelines for time-outs are provided along with structured work sheets to make time-outs effective so your child learns how to Get Reproof to Obtain Wisdom. Contains a Character Scripture Reference Guide so you know where to find Scriptures to deal with particular character challenges.

Character Reference Guide $1.95

Character Reference GuideHelp your child learn the ABC's of good character (Attitude, Behavior, Communication) with this poster that lists common character strengths, their opposites, and scriptures that relate to that trait. Post it on the refrigerator or in the classroom to keep character formation at the forefront of your family life. Durable coated 8.5 x 11 sheet. 2 sided. This product is included in the Time Out to G.R.O.W. kit.

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