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Inventory Reduction Sale:  50% of ALL ORDERS

Family Tools is closing out the PEGS business and currently offering 50% off on all remaining inventory.  Stock up on colored disks, extra chore sheets, and accessory products.  All PEGS boards are out of stock.  Apply the Discount Code below at checkout.

                   Discount Code:  Inventory Reduction

PEGS - The BEST multi-child tool on the market.  

P.E.G.S.® (Practical Encouragement & Guidance System) is a visual chore system that accommodates all your children in one location. P.E.G.S.® is unique because it also equips you to address character issues. It comes in 2 sizes: Small (1-2 children) and Medium (3-4 children).

Features & Benefits of the P.E.G.S.® System

  • VISIBLE picture of chores for readers or non-readers
  • COLORABLE chore disks for kids to design
  • DURABLE system with washable, plastic disks
  • CUSTOMIZABLE for multiple children according to age and ability
  • HANDS ON kids flip their disks to designate a completed job
  • CHARACTER issues can be addressed providing visible feedback on behavior
  • STRUCTURE and routine get established with daily practice
  • STACKABLE more than one chore can be stacked under a category 

Take a tour - Click on MORE ABOUT P.E.G.S picture in the top right corner to see all the components in the PEGS system. 

Other great accessory tools: 

  • Pick A Privilege (ways to reward your kids) 
  • Choose A Chore (when you need quick-no-think consequences