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About Cheryl Eliason, PCI Certified Parent Coach

Cheryl Eliason - Family Life Coach

Cheryl is a wife and mother to four children. She received her B.A. in Social Work from Bethel University and has worked as an Adoption Social Worker, Family Life Educator, and motivational speaker. She has written and presented over 30 different parenting workshops and retreats and has a special burden for sexuality and dating issues as well as parenting children with special needs. Cheryl manages Family Tools and is a certified Parent Coach.


Contact Information:

Phone: 763-227-3010
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What is a Family Life Coaching?Back to top

Family Life Coaching is a partnership with your coach to review, refine, and realize personal goals and to set your priorities.


  • Assisting you to clarify your personal or parenting vision
  • Collaborating with you to initiate positive and sustainable change
  • Helping you to navigate challenging decisions
  • Equipping you to design attainable action steps
  • Offering age-appropriate parenting strategies


  • A compassionate and listening ear
  • Hope and faith in the parent-child relationship
  • Championing your highest aspirations for yourself and your family
  • Sharing practical resources and ideas to parent well


  • Affirming your strengths and parenting style
  • Discovering what works best for your family
  • Reinforces the power of parents to impact your children
  • Restoring hopefulness


How does coaching work?Back to top

I work with clients via the phone or in person. Flexible arrangements are made that suit your schedule. Sessions consist of 45-60 minutes and can be long term or just a few meetings.

Why Coaching?

Coaching is empowering! It takes you from the realm of wanting to make change to effectively moving forward in ways that benefits you and your entire family. Parenting can overwhelm any of us in a particular season and we might feel unsure, stuck, or discouraged. Investing in coaching will make a difference in your perspective, your practices, your priorities, and your parenting. Most of all, it will affirm and encourage you with the understanding of what you are doing right.

Possible Topics:

  • Home Management
  • Personal Wellness
  • Sibling Rivalry
  • Discipline Challenges
  • Raising a Child With Special Needs
  • School Decision Making
  • Chores and Teaching Responsibility
  • Establishing Guidelines for Dating......and much more


Testimonials:Back to top


"You helped me have many 'ah-ha' moments about my life and my parenting that I would not have had otherwise. I appreciated that you didn't force a certain path for me but rather asked me to step back and look at my life and the possibilities for change. You helped me appreciate the positive traits in myself and redirected me to balance and well-being and I will be forever grateful."


"I wanted to truly thank you for your time, commitment, discernment and humor during our times together. I was so encouraged in my walk as a parent. I enjoyed your relevant experiences as a mom. You helped me to put things in perspective and remember to not expect perfection, but progress. It is a process. Thank you so much for all that you invested in my family's life."


"Thank you for coming along side me to be a better parent. You have a wonderful gift of mentoring, teaching, leading, coaching, and challenging. Thank You!"