Cheryl Eliason provides parenting education seminars that will help to establish, encourage, and empower you with practical skills appropriate for all the seasons and stages of parenting. 

My goal is to educate and equip you to parent well. My desire is to encourage you in your parenting roles and give you practical assistance to help you parent with purpose because what is taught at home is the most critical factor in impacting our culture. You will find the seminars to be relevant, biblically based, and reassuring as I address the very real challenges of parenting.

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Cheryl Eliason, co-founder of Family Tools, Speaker, and Certified Parent Coach, offers a variety of seminars, classes, retreats, and personal coaching to help empower you to be the parent you want to be. The following topics provide biblically sound and practical skills to tackle the real-life challenges of parenting. Cheryl also provides seminars directly to youth and a variety of inspirational topics to women's groups.

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