The top portion of the board is devoted to chores, laid out in the approximate order they are done throughout the day. Each child hangs the disks of their chores vertically in their column below their names. You can make the row as simple or as complex as each child's age and ability require. Because the disks have pictures, even non-readers can understand what they need to do. The disks contain a matte finish inside the simple drawing that is colorable so your children get to help design their own disks.

When the job is completed, the disk is turned over. Your kids will know what is expected, and you'll know what has been done and what still needs to be accomplished.

PEGS includes 3 different kinds of chore sheets:

  • Sheet A - Personal Chore Disks
    This sheet has 9 disks of basic chores that all kids would potentially need to do. Small systems contain 2 sheets; medium systems contain 4 sheets.
  • Sheet B - Basic Household Jobs
    This sheet includes 12 disks representing basic household jobs. These jobs are meant to be rotated among your children. You receive 1 per PEGS systems.
  • Sheet C - Advanced Household Jobs
    This sheet includes 12 disks representing more advance household jobs.You receive 1 per PEGS system.

Should you need more of any one individual disk, you can always order additional disks.