The bottom portion of the PEGS board is designated to address your child's character - the unique feature that sets our system apart. Every parent knows that "getting it all done" isn't all there is to growing up! We've divided character issues into 3 categories: Attitude, Behavior, and Communication.

Green Bonus DiskPEGS includes green disks, called "bonuses" that are used to reinforce positive character traits so you can "catch your kids being good." The concept that PEGS reinforces, is that the more you notice, appreciate, and verbalize good behavior, the more of it you will see. What you pay attention to grows! The bonus is a visible means to reinforce what you are saying as you reinforce desired character traits. Each bonus disk "earned" becomes an example of good character - a heart habit that you want to encourage and reinforce often. Because the board has depth, kids can earn many bonuses in a day.


  • Attitude: "I really appreciate it when you do what I ask you to do so willingly. That is the kind of obedient attitude that helps our family run smoothly."
  • Behavior: "Thank you for playing so nicely with your sister and sharing your toys. Give yourself a bonus for such cooperative behavior."
  • Communication: "I noticed that you asked me about what you wanted without whining. Wow! Give yourself a bonus."

While we work at affirming our children both verbally and tangibly for right behavior, we also need to correct behavior.

Red Penalty Disk PEGS gives you a gentle way to correct your child with the use of the "penalty" disk - a red NOT symbol, that reverses to blank white. Giving your child a penalty disk is a tangible and visible means to correct character issues that serves as a first step in the correction process. Based on your parenting philosophy, you will incorporate other corrective measures to discipline your child.

The penalty is given to the child for undesirable character issues and placed in the appropriate category of the offense - Attitude, Behavior, or Communication. Once the penalty disks has been given, children are required to correct the offense. When done, the penalty can be reversed or removed to the plain white side - reflecting a fresh start.

The PEGS manual (CD included in the kit) provides you with a Character Trait Worksheet to assist you in defining the desired character traits you want to work on as a family as well as what consequences you will assign when a child misbehaves.