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Medium PEGS kit - The best chore chart available!

PEGS -  Practical Encouragement & Guidance System

The PEGS boards are out of stock.  All the disks are available for purchase at 50% off.  Apply "Inventory Reduction" discount code at check out.

PEGS is a visual chore system that accommodates all your children in one location. P.E.G.S. is unique because it also equips you to address character issues.


  • Visible picture of chores for readers or non-readers
  • Colorable chore disks for kids to design
  • Durable system with washable disks (no paper)
  • Customizable for multiple children according to age and ability
  • Hands-on kids flip their disks to designate a completed job
  • Character issues can be addressed providing visible feedback on behavior
  • Structure and routine get established with daily practice

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