Choose A Chore

$ 9.95

This tool provides you with a quick consequence or a means for your children to earn extra chores. Kit includes 60 pre-printed, non-routine chores that kids can do around the house that should take 5-8 minutes. One dozen blank disks are included for you to create your own ideas. Comes complete with storage jar and lid and includes several ideas for how to use it. Great accessory tool to use with PEGS.  Choose A Chore can also be used as a means to earn extra money - determine if the job is a nickel, dime, or quarter task and tape coins to the back of the disk or mark it accordingly.


  • When your child complains about all the work, you can assign an extra chore
  • If a child is constantly pestering give them something productive to do with those hands
  • If a child wants to earn extra $$, assign a chore

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