Why Teach Kids Chores? September 09 2014

Most parents agree that teaching your kids chores or helping around the house, is a good idea.  One that is easily believed but not that easy to incorporate into family routines.  Why?  Kids resist, plain and simple.  But knowing we parent with the long view in mind, we know it is valuable to face the battle of wills and teach our kids to do chores. 

Learning to do chores is part of that bigger goal of teaching responsibility - and that is a multi-faceted word.  I think any parent would agree that “responsibility” is in the top virtues we want our kids to learn when they are grown.  What does responsibility look like? Here are some thoughts.... Responsibility is:

  • doing what you are asked
  • completing the task
  • doing the job thoroughly
  • managing your property (clothes, toys, $, possessions)
  • being where you are supposed to be
  • achieving your potential
  • maturity
  • self-governing (I especially like this definition!)

The list could go on, but suffice it to say that over the years of raising our children we want to grow ourselves out of a job, as our children grow in responsibility.

So where do we start. Most experts I consulted agreed that the sooner the better - stating that 2 1/2 - 3 years old is a good age to start.  Children learn from a young age, that contributing to the household is part of living there.  If someone wants to spiritualize the concept, it states in II Thess. 3:10  We also gave you the rule that if you don’t work, you don’t eat” (a little extreme but you get the point).  If you have no idea what a 3 year old is capable of, we have a great chart that is categorized by age.  Don’t wait - start small, but start. Just like Rome, responsibility isn’t built in a day - it takes years!

Family T.I.P.S. (Teaching Intentional Parenting Skills)

Don’t let “not knowing” prevent you from starting to teach your kids chores.  Download the “Age Appropriate Chores for Kids” chart and start today. 

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