Welcome to Family Tools July 23 2014

Welcome to the new home of Family Tools!

Thanks for visiting!  Our goal is to provide you with tools (products) and information (seminars, blog posts) to equip you to be an intentional parent. The challenges of parenting can be daunting and we believe that useful tools will make your job as a parent easier.

Check out our featured tool - PEGS: Practical Encouragement & Guidance System:  The PEGS system provides you with an easy to use tool to encourage children to achieve their responsibilities and at the same time develop important character traits.  It's easy to set up, manage, and there are countless ways to make it fun.

Family Tools also provides educational seminars, retreats, and personal coaching. Don't hesitate to call us if you would like additional help:  763.717.0644

We look forward to serving you!

The Family Tools Team