Teach Your Kids Chores & Valuable Character Traits

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Medium PEGS kit - The best chore chart available.

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P.E.G.S.® (Practical Encouragement & Guidance System) is a visual chore system that accommodates all your children in one location. P.E.G.S.® is unique because it also equips you to address character issues. It comes in 2 sizes: Small (1-2 children) and Medium (3-4 children).

Features & Benefits of the P.E.G.S.® System

  • VISIBLE picture of chores for readers or non-readers
  • COLORABLE chore disks for kids to design
  • DURABLE system with washable, plastic disks
  • CUSTOMIZABLE for multiple children according to age and ability
  • HANDS ON kids flip their disks to designate a completed job
  • CHARACTER issues can be addressed providing visible feedback on behavior
  • STRUCTURE and routine get established with daily practice
  • STACKABLE more than one chore can be stacked under a category 

Take a tour to learn more about the PEGS system. 

Other great accessory tools: 

  • Pick A Privilege (ways to reward your kids) 
  • Choose A Chore (when you need quick-no-think consequences


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